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Dental teeth care for kids and teens

Sunday, May. 8th 2011 11:53 AM

Dental teeth care for kids and teens.  I have a five year old and a 13 year old.  I looking for a family dental plan and thinking about getting one from this web site.   Anything I should know about buying a dental plan on line?  Also I do not know why but my five year old is better at taking care of his teeth my my 13 year old is.  What can I do to get my 13 year old to have better oral  health habits

Posted on Sunday, May. 8th 2011 11:53 AM | by admin | in Dental Plans | 3 Comments »

3 Comments on “Dental teeth care for kids and teens

  1. Andrew Gollab Says:

    When buying any dental insurance dental plan on line the main thing to do is to make sure you read the plans terms and conditions so you know how the plan is going to help you and your family dental needs.

    Another tip is if you are shopping for dental insurance write down the name of the plans and what website you seen them at. Many times people forget this since they may have gone into many different sites. Then they get loss as to where they were when they want to go back to a certain plan the seen.

    Also when you do decide to buy a dental plan on line once again you want to write down the name of the plan you bough and from what website. So if you have future questions you know where to go to call the correct member services for the dental plan you bought.

    Many of our services calls are from people that bought a dental plan but do not know the name of the plan or where they got it. Since you can see that on this site in most states we offer more then just one plan having that information at hand is important in order to best help you.

  2. Benson J Says:

    Not knowing what state you are in hard to advise you on the plans we would have to offer since it varies from state to state.

    If you are looking for lower cost dental plans then you may want to review any Dental discount plan options or dental HMO insurance plan options that are available.

    If you are wanting to stay with a dentist then any of our PPO or free choice of dentist plans would help you do that.

    Knowing some of your own family dental needs will help you at finding a dental plan that best fits your needs.

    With your 13 year old he may be going though a faze but try your best to stay on top of him. Having to have fillings are now fun.

  3. April Says:

    For your 13 year old I know what you are going though my son when he was 12 to 13 went though this I do have to faze and I had to tell him to brush his teeth all the time. I also had to make sure he was flossing at night.

    However even then he did not do a good job since he was trying to rush though it to get back to other things. He did get a cavity that year and after that he did not want to have to have another filling done and problem fixed it self. Hard way to learn but sometimes that is how they do.

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