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Family Dental Care, Is going to the dentist twice a year really enough

Monday, Apr. 11th 2011 10:38 AM

Family Dental Care, Is going to the dentist twice a year really enough? Around 50 years ago (give or take) American did not take the best proper care of their teeth. There were no guidelines set forth on how often one should see a dentist. In fact at that time many dentist were about fixing dental problems rather then preventing them.

Dental and health care organizations tried to set standards for preventive dental care. Not having any guidelines or much evidence to go by they made the best guess or judgment call they could at the time. Which was that people should see the dentist twice a year for check up and cleanings.

Over time this became the rule of thumb. And for the many people seeing a dentist twice a year still is acceptable.

However there are many reason why you may need to see a dentist more often then just the twice a year suggested average. People with high risk of dental disease may need to visit the dentist three to four times year or more as suggested by their dentist. This high risk group of people could includes

  1. Smokers
  2. Diabetics
  3. People that currently have gum disease or gingivitis
  4. People that have a weak immune response to bacterial infection
  5. Seniors may need to see dentist more often due to illness and or medications they are taking
  6. People who tend to easily get cavities and plaque build up.
  7. People that had very poor dental care in the past may also need to see the dentist more often in the future.

By taking good care of your teeth at home you may still be in the group of people that only has to see the dentist twice a year. However, talk to your dentist, and see what is best for you and your dental care. Everyone is different and have different dental needs the rule of seeing a dentist twice a year is still just a good guild line to go by but it is not written in stone.


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One Comment on “Family Dental Care, Is going to the dentist twice a year really enough

  1. Martha Says:

    I just bought a dental insurance plan on this website. I live in TX and my daughter who is 15 does not take the best care of her teeth like she should. Which does make me take her to the dentist more the just twice a year.

    If I only took her into the dentist two time a year she would surely need more dental work costly more more money then just taking her into the dentist more often. That is one of the main reason I did finely decided to buy your Delta dental plan you offer.

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