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New Jersey dental insurance for kids, dental caries

Saturday, Nov. 27th 2010 9:50 AM

My six year old daughter has dental caries.  She all ready needs four fillings and I was told she may also need to have a baby root canal done with crown.

I have dental insurance but it does not cover much and I have already maxed out my $1000.00 limit.   I need something that can help me when my dental insurance is maxed out.  Also my dental insurance will not cover for dental sealants so would like some help there too.

Posted on Nov. 27th 2010 | by admin | in Cavities | 1 Comment »

Kids dental care, dental caries

Tuesday, Jul. 6th 2010 9:05 AM

I have a three year old boy.  Lately I started to notice  brown spots on three of his teeth. At first thought they may have been a bit of food and he was not brushing well. So  I started to bush his teeth but the spots are still there.

I made  a dental appointment for my son so I will be taking him to see the dentist about these spots in a few days. I am worried that my son may have dental caries though as a baby I never let him sleep with a baby bottle.  I also made sure he brushed his teeth each day.  What can these spots be if not cavities?

Posted on Jul. 6th 2010 | by admin | in Cavities, Cleaning, Dental Care, Dental Help | 2 Comments »


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