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New Hampshire Children teeth, Dental care

Thursday, Nov. 25th 2010 9:25 AM

My son is 13 and hates to go to the dentist even for just a cleaning.  He thinks that if he brushing three times a day and flosses at night I should leave him alone about going to the dentist since he as yet to get any cavities.

I do not know why he dislike going so much he never had more then a cleaning done.  How can I make him see that no matter how often he brushes I am still taking him to the dentist twice a year for his check ups and cleanings.

Posted on Nov. 25th 2010 | by admin | in Cleaning | No Comments »

Dental care, Should children really need to get root canals done on baby teeth?

Sunday, Nov. 14th 2010 9:31 AM

I am being told by my son dentist that he should have two root canal done on back molars that are still baby teeth.  On top of that a couse they will need to be crowned.  Now he said I can get the cheap silver crown since they are baby teeth.

I like OMG  why am I going to spend out over 700.00 doing all this.  And that is my cost with my current dental insruance plan.   They are only baby teeth and I feel I am being taken by this dentist.

Posted on Nov. 14th 2010 | by admin | in Root Canals | No Comments »

Dental care, my son first dental check up

Monday, Nov. 1st 2010 9:48 AM

My son is two and I will be taking him to see the dentist in two weeks.  this is his first visit to the dentist to get a check up.  I really not sure all of what they will do.  Well my son get a cleaning?  I am not sure how he will act since he never been to the dentist but I can stay with him right?  How long does a check up normally take.

Posted on Nov. 1st 2010 | by admin | in Dental Care | 3 Comments »

Dental care, and the cost of having a basic cleaning

Sunday, Oct. 24th 2010 4:52 PM

I am getting so tired of being taken by dentist.   When I first starting going to this one dentist he was charging $95.00  for just a cleaning.   There are three of us so you can see when you add X-rays cost once a year it was pricey but I still managed.

Over the coarse of two years since then his cost for mind you use a basic cleaning is up to $125.00 I fed up.  I called around only to find out that this seems to be the going rate.  One dentist is 98.00 but when you add in that he wants to do X-rays and I would have office charges again we get back up over and above $125.00

Why can there not be cost stops on dental work.  It like the keep changing their prices on a whim and I am the one trying to figure out how we are to come up with this kind of money.   Any advise on were I can go for low cost dental care for basic need?

Posted on Oct. 24th 2010 | by admin | in Cleaning | No Comments »


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