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Dental care for kids in Washington, four year old with carries

Sunday, May. 22nd 2011 5:14 AM

Dental care for kids in Washington, four year old with carries.   My  niece is four years old and has dental carries.  My sister tries her best but is on a very low income and is a single mom that does not get much help.

I do what I can but I am not much more better off then her.  She does not have any dental benefits and is getting her daughter teeth fixed but a little at a time so that the problem is never really going away.   What can she do to help get her daughter teeth fixed all at once but still afford to have the work done.

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2 Comments on “Dental care for kids in Washington, four year old with carries

  1. Vicky Says:

    There may be state aid options or programs still available for children dental care. She need to look and see. Also she may want to look at dental clinics. Many dental clinics offer low cost dental care and are more willing to work payment issue out when needed. For kids they tend to be more flexible.

    Other option could be seeing if there are any dental schools near her. Dental schools sometimes offer free dental care for children and are also normally less in cost for their dental services.

  2. Greene Says:

    Check on the American Dental Association web site. They have a children program for free dental care. It is random but worth looking into. They many also have information on dentist that are willing to help you with payment issues

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