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New York Children Dental Insurance for a Special Needs Child.

Friday, Apr. 29th 2011 1:31 PM

New York Children Dental Insurance for a Special Needs Child.  My wife and I have taken over care of my sister eight year old son.   He is a special needs child and needs a lot of care dental being one of them.  My sister did not take proper care of him at all and let his teeth go bad.   I am glad that they are still baby teeth but he needs a good over all dental plan where he can start getting dental help with his teeth.  I pay more for better benefits but I worry about having waiting periods.   Can you suggest a plan to us.

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2 Comments on “New York Children Dental Insurance for a Special Needs Child.

  1. C Jackey Says:

    If you are not wanting dental insurance plans that have waiting periods you may not want to review dental PPO or free choice of dentist plans. They are the type of dental insurance plans that normally have long term waiting periods and annual max dollar limitations.

    In the state of New York we offer a good over all HMO plan though HealthPlex dental. HealthPlex dental does not have waiting periods and services are listed out on a fee schedule this will help you know your cost for the dental services you nephew may need.

  2. Kris Harris Says:

    Our HealthPlex is a good HMO plan and one you should review. Make sure you call the dental office listed in the plan since you need to pick one you want to make sure that your nephew special needs will not be an issue. Picking a dentist in the plan is required in any HMO so something to make sure you have the right dental provider.

    A other dental plan option we also offer are dental discount plans like an HMO you need to go to dentist that are in the plan network. However these plans are also low in cost without any waiting periods or yearly max limitations.

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