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Family Dental Insurance and benefits for New York

Wednesday, Apr. 27th 2011 9:31 AM

Family Dental Insurance and benefits for New York. How much would it cost to have filling done in three teeth? My 16 year old son has cavities in his front teeth and want them to be filled in without them looking obvious. I guessing he would need to have white fillings?

We do not have any dental insurance and he needs to see a dentist about his teeth. When reviewing your plans how do I know th cost of coverages for fillings. Trying to find the lowest cost plan that has the best price for fillings to be done. Thanks.

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 27th 2011 9:31 AM | by admin | in Cavities | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Family Dental Insurance and benefits for New York

  1. John Mankiea Says:

    In the state of New York we do offer a lower cost dental insurance plan though HealthPlex which is an HMO dental insurance plan. Services are scheduled out which you can review when you click to review plan details but for filings

    Silver amalgam, one surface …………..$20.00
    Silver amalgam, two surfaces ………….$35.00
    Silver amalgam, three surfaces or more …$50.00

    Composite filling, one surface ………..$25.00
    Composite filling, two surfaces ……….$40.00
    Composite filling, three surfaces or more.$55.00

    You can see how depending on what type of filing you have and how large the cavity is your cost is shown to reflex that.

    You can review our HealthPlex dental HMO plan by simply entering your zip code in the quote box provider above.

  2. Greg Hills Says:

    We also have some very good dental discount plans that will show the cost for having filling done. I suggest that you may so want to review the dental discount plans as a low cost dental plan option.

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