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Kids dental insurance New York

Thursday, Mar. 31st 2011 7:05 AM

Kids dental insurance New York. Living in New York is very costly. I have a good job but with a family of five their dental care gets to be too much. I am trying to find a dental insurance plan that is under $70 a month that will help me better afford my family dental care needs. I do not want a dental discount plan since I had one once and the dentist either did not take the plan or never would charge us the listed price

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2 Comments on “Kids dental insurance New York

  1. Kris Harris Says:

    New York is not the only state where dental services are costly. And for a larger size family cost is only that much more of and issue. However you do not have to put off your family dental care.

    On this website we do offer low cost dental insurance plan option though HealthPlex. HealthPlex is within your stated budgeted amount and well worth looking at. Just enter your zip code in the quote box provide at the top of the screen to review all our dental plan options in New York.

  2. Caroline J Says:

    Staying within the amount you want to pay for a dental plan you may also wish to review the low cost dental discount plans we also offer on this website.

    In New York we have dental discount plan offer though, Dental Save+, DentaChoice and Careington all good low cost dental discount plans that will help you and your family save money off their dental services.

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