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Dental care for kids, Four baby teeth extractions.

Tuesday, Jul. 27th 2010 9:39 AM

My son has to have four of his baby teeth pulled.   His adult teeth do not have room since the baby teeth will not come out.  Well I made an appointment for him to have this dental work done.  What I would like to know is if my son will be in a lot of pain afterwords?

He will be asleep while he has the teeth pulled but will he be in pain when he wakes up?  Should I only feed him really soft foods?  Any additional information you may have would be good.  Thanks

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3 Comments on “Dental care for kids, Four baby teeth extractions.

  1. Edd Says:

    Pain and very from person to person. If you son handles pain well then he will be able to deal better with having his teeth pulled.

    Just have soft food on hand for a few days just while he is healing and expect him to have some pain. The dentist may even give you something for the pain if needed.

  2. Davy Says:

    Baby teeth does not normally have much of a root like your adult teeth do. So having to pull baby teeth is nothing like pulling a permanent tooth out. He should not be in a great deal of pain. So I would not worry about it too much. Like the one reply stated just have some soft food on hand.

  3. Victory Says:

    Let him eat ice cream or frozen yogurt if you prefer. The cold from the ice cream will help numb the pain. That really help my daughter when she had to have a few teeth pulled in order to get braces put on.

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