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Children Teeth, Rotten baby teeth.

Monday, Aug. 2nd 2010 8:36 AM

My neece has some rotten baby teeth.  Her breath is really bad too.   She is going to the dentist to have them pulled but she is only seven so it seems too soon to be pulling out teeth.  Any helpful advise that can be given in order to make sure the rest of her teeth do not have to be pulled out.  I think  it is a lack of proper care but I feel I can not come out and say that.

Posted on Monday, Aug. 2nd 2010 8:36 AM | by admin | in Dental Care, Dental Help | 3 Comments »

3 Comments on “Children Teeth, Rotten baby teeth.

  1. Hennry Says:

    Unless there is total lack of care with your niece it is not your place to say anything unless your are asked for your advise.

    Seems to me there is care since she is being taken to the dentist. I would stay out of it since she is not your child.

  2. Grace Says:

    Yes I have to agree. Trying to give advise when not asked for can leave you in a mess. Now if they are coming to you for advise, maybe suggest they talk to the dentist about dental sealants.

    Dental sealants will help to prevent decay. Just because you may think it is lack of dental care it could be that their child has bad or no tooth enamel. That happen to my daughter and everyone of her baby teeth needed dental sealants.

    I would have been very upset if someone told me it was my fault without knowing all the facts. So check to make sure you do not speak out of line.

  3. Casey Says:

    She is your niece you have a right to say whatever you want. You should ask if they are taking care of her teeth. Maybe they do not even brush her teeth.

    If I though my niece was not being taken care of correctly I would say so. You should tell them that they should brush her teeth more so that she does not have to have them pulled out.

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