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Kids dental care, Wisdom teeth extractions

Wednesday, Oct. 13th 2010 8:34 AM

My son needs to have his wisdom teeth pulled.  I would like to have all four taken out but if nothing else at least the two that  are currently causing him problems.   I have a cheap dental insurance plan that I get though my job.  However, I just found out it does not cover for a tooth to be pulled if a oral surgeon has to pull the teeth.

This is a joke who else is going to pull a wisdom tooth out ?  I called around a few oral surgeons to get an idea of cost and for just two teeth to be pulled it will cost me around  $1200 – $15000.    I am in price shock and do not know what to do.

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3 Comments on “Kids dental care, Wisdom teeth extractions

  1. K Benson Says:

    Well one option could be getting a dental discount plan. You can buy a dental discount plan and have it start right away without any waiting periods.

    For any of their specialist. In your case oral surgeon would give you a minimum savings of 20 percent.

  2. Jefferson Says:

    Do you have any dental clinics in your area that you can take your son to? Many times they are half the cost as your regular dentist. Either that or a dental school but I would try a dental clinic first.

  3. Eric Says:

    Try shopping out dentist and seeing if any will offer you a payment plan. It is common for many dental insurance plans not to cover for specialist that is why it is so important to know the term and benefits on your insurance plans.

    At this point getting insurance for you what you need can be hard because the plans that do cover for specialist may also have long term waiting periods.

    Like one reply stated a dental discount plan would at least save you some money off the cost of the needed extractions.

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