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Kids Teeth Care, Rotten baby teeth need help

Sunday, Jun. 27th 2010 7:59 AM

My question is can a baby just have rotten baby teeth?  My good friend baby is just now cutting his first few baby teeth.  However the teeth that are coming out look rotten.  His teeth  are grayish white in color.  She does not know why this is happening.

I told her since she asked for my opinion that she should take him to see a dentist. That I am not sure if babies can be born with bad teeth or bad teeth color.  My sons teeth were white.

If she does take her son to see a dentist will a dentist be able to fixed her son’s teeth?  I would like to be able to get her some helpful information.  Since she is afraid of what the dentist is going to say about her son’s teeth.

Posted on Sunday, Jun. 27th 2010 7:59 AM | by admin | in Dental Care, Dental Fear, Kids Dentist | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Kids Teeth Care, Rotten baby teeth need help

  1. Caroline Jackey Says:

    I would advise her taking her son to see the dentist. Can a baby have bad baby teeth from the get go yes it possible. However, that is just even more of a reason why seeing a dentist now would only be in her son best in tress.

  2. Greg Hilbert Says:

    Your friend need to stop worrying about what the dentist may say and find out what is wrong with her son teeth. Best case is that her son teeth are just find.

    However if he has carries or BBTD then only a dentist will know how to address and fix her son’s teeth. What is she waiting for?

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