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Choosing the right dentist for your Child

Sunday, Apr. 10th 2011 10:00 AM

Choosing the right dentist for your Child. One complaint that I hear about dentist is that they do not seem to listen or they seem to always be in a rush to get to the next person in the waiting room. So when picking a dentist for yourself or your child an important factor to consider is whether you feel comfortable with the dentist you are seeing.

Are you able to explain symptoms and ask all the questions you may have without getting the feeling the dentist is checking his clock. Do you feel like your dentist hear and understands your worries or concerns. If you have dental fears and or anxiety are you able to address them with your dentist? Would you refer a family member or friend to your dentist without thinking they may not like him or her.

Some people feel locked into staying with their dentist even if they feel they are not the best dentist for them. But that does not have to be the case. You are in control over who you see. Even on a dental HMO plan where you have to choose from the plan providers, there is no stopping you from changing dentist if you choose to do so.

Just make sure if you choose a dental HMO insurance plan that it has more then just one local dental office near you. The more options you give yourself the higher likelihood of finding the dentist you like and will see on a regular bases. At the end of the day that what’s important.


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One Comment on “Choosing the right dentist for your Child

  1. Kelly Says:

    Reading though some of the post on this site and I stop at this one. I just had to tell people that it is so true to check into the dentist do not be afraid of changing dentist office and often if need be until you find the best dentist for you and your family.

    I have a seven year old daughter that is very scared about going to the dentist due to one bad dentist that was not very kind or caring to her fears. I changed dentist for her at least five time under my plan until I found one that she like and is not scared of.

    It is well with it for you to have a dentist you can deal with and for your child to like so that they will want to see the dentist and get into good dental habits.

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