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Dental Insurance Kids – Cosmetic Dental Services After Tooth Loss. 

Saturday, Mar. 30th 2024 2:16 PM

Question: My daughter is seven and got into an accident where she lost four of her top front teeth. They are her baby teeth, but I do not like her dealing with such a big gap. Could she get a dental bridge until her adult teeth come in? Or would that be considered cosmetic dental services since they are only her baby teeth? I know my dental insurance plan does not cover cosmetics. 

Answer: I understand your concern about your child dealing with a significant gap in her teeth, and you’re right to consider options for treatment. While dental bridges are usually regarded as cosmetic dental services, your child may be able to get space maintainers instead. Space maintainers are dental devices that help to “hold space” in your child’s mouth until their adult teeth come in. They can be a good option for children who have lost their baby teeth prematurely, and they are covered in most dental insurance plans. 

It would help to talk to your child’s dentist about the best treatment plan, as they can provide more detailed information about available options. They can also assist you in navigating your dental insurance plan to determine what is covered and what is not. Remember, your child’s dental health is important, and getting the proper treatment is essential to ensure their teeth develop correctly.

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