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Dental insurance dental plans for a child in Georgia

Sunday, Feb. 13th 2011 10:50 AM

Dental insurance dental plans for a child in Georgia.  Hello I am a self employed 23 year old single parent of a four year old.  I took my daughter to see a dentist without having any dental insurance and had to pay $250 for X-rays and checkup with cleaning.

Since I just got full custadie of  my daughter I found out at the dentist her teeth were not being taking care of like they should have by her mom and she now has six cavities one of which will need to be crowned.   The cost being quoted to me is a little over $1000. 

I would like to find a dental plan that can help me cut her dental cost but, I honestly don’t know where to begin to looking for dental care plans that will work well for all she needs to have done.   I do not want to pay $1000 plus  if I can get a dental plan and pay way less.

If I have to pay cash  for my daughter dental needs I will. Though I am hoping you have plans that can help me please advise.   Thank you

Posted on Sunday, Feb. 13th 2011 10:50 AM | by admin | in Dental Care | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Dental insurance dental plans for a child in Georgia

  1. Brown Says:

    I have a dental discount plan for my family. The high cost of dental insurance in my area was not something I wanted to spend out.

    However I did find a dental Discount plan offer though Careington that has really lower my family dental cost for a very affordable monthly cost of the plan.

    My understanding is that Careington is in every state and I would suggest getting that for your daughter dental needs.

  2. J Mankiea Says:

    This website offer both dental insurance and dental discount plans. Including Carington as well as Aetna discount plans.

    I agree with the fact that for your daughter current dental needs you may want to get a dental discount plan. Our insurance plans are good dental plans but they do come with waiting periods that you may not want to have to deal with at this point for your daughter.

    Our dental discount plans start within the next business day with no waiting periods. Which I am guessing is something that you would prefer.

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