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Kids dental insurance for preventive dental care

Wednesday, May. 4th 2011 11:38 AM

Kids dental insurance for preventive dental care.   Where can I get a good but lower cost plan for my two children under the age of nine.   I am hard working and my husband works hard to but we just make enough to get by.  We put off our dental care needs and I do not want my children to have to put of theirs.  Please looking for good dental plan we can get the family .

Posted on Wednesday, May. 4th 2011 11:38 AM | by admin | in Dental Insurance | 3 Comments »

3 Comments on “Kids dental insurance for preventive dental care

  1. Greg Hills Says:

    I would suggest reviewing either dental HMO insurance plans for your family dental needs or a low cost dental discount plan. Either would help you reduce your family dental care cost.

    You can not buy dental insurance for just two minors but with HMO dental Insurance and or dental discount plans the cost is very affordable to get a family plan.

    It is worth looking into because defer dental care can become more costly in the end.

  2. T Hilbert Says:

    There are many good low cost dental plan options in most states. You want to review either a dental HMO insurance plan or a dental discount plan to help save money on your children dental care needs.

    Another option would be seeing if you have any dental schools and or dental clinics. Both are normally less costly for their dental services then a regular dental office.

  3. Charlene Davey Says:

    I suggest calling our member service line at 310-534-3444 CA time 8-5 M-F. Since you did not state where you live it is hard to advise you on a low cost plan. However our member service line would be happy to help you though the dental plans we have to offer on this website.

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