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New Jersey Kids teeth care, Concerns about tooth extraction

Saturday, Jan. 29th 2011 9:30 AM

New Jersey Kids teeth care, Concerns about tooth extraction:    I have concerns about my son wisdom teeth extractions. He has an appointment soon to have all four wisdom teeth removed.  He will be asleep durring the process but so I know he will not feel anything during the extraction process but how bad will he feel afterwords.

I never got my own wisdom teeth removed so I am not sure what the healing process is like and want to expect afterwords.   What is  the aftercare like?

Posted on Saturday, Jan. 29th 2011 9:30 AM | by admin | in Dental Extractions | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “New Jersey Kids teeth care, Concerns about tooth extraction

  1. C Jackey Says:

    All children are different and they have their own level of pain tolerance. I will say that me may be in pain for a few days. Normally the dentist may give you a prescribtion depending on your son age.

    Healing can take up to a few weeks and he will have some swelling in his cheeks. Most dentist will give you after care instuctions so make sure you do as directed by his dentist. Have some soft food on hand for a few days.

  2. Polly Says:

    My daughter was in really bad pain for about two days and then was feeling much better come the third day. My dentist told me ahead time that this is normal. Which I knew since I had my wisdom teeth removed and was sore for about a full week with puffy cheeks for two weeks.

    There is not much for you to do but fully follow the after care instuctions about keeping his mouth clean. I found that Aleve work well for my daughter and she did not need anything thing stronger.

    Though like the last reply stated all kids are different. Try not to baby him too much but have soft food on hand so he can eat and not have to really chew much.

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