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Dental Insurance Kids – What is the Age Limit for Children?

Tuesday, May. 14th 2024 5:32 AM

How Long Can I Stay on My Parents’ Dental Insurance?

Question: I am 18 but will soon be 19, and I want to know how long I can stay on my parents’ insurance. My parents are letting me stay on their plan for as long as I allow since it is cheaper for me that way. 

Reply:  Thank you for your question. It’s great that your parents allow you to stay on their dental insurance plan, which can be more affordable. 

Regarding your inquiry, the age limit for children to stay on their parents’ dental insurance varies depending on the plan and state laws. While most plans only allow dependents to remain on the plan until they turn 18, some insurers extend the age limit to 22 or 26 for full-time students or those with a certified disability. 

It’s important to note that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) only extends dependent coverage of medical health benefits to age 26, but it doesn’t apply to dental or vision insurance. Therefore, you should contact your parent’s dental insurance company to verify their age limit or review the policy. 

If you can not stay on the current dental plan, you can buy an individual dental insurance plan for yourself. If cost is an issue, consider reviewing an HMO insurance option, as they are typically the lower-cost option. You can call our member service line at 310-534-3444. Our team of experts can explain each plan’s various options and benefits and help you select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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