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Dental Insurance Kids – Getting Dental Bridges.

Monday, Feb. 1st 2021 11:50 AM

When looking into getting dental insurance for bridges there are a few things to make sure of first. Whenever possible do not pull out teeth prior to having dental insurance.  Once you have teeth pulled it can be hard to find dental insurance that will cover for the bridge.  This is because many dental insurance plans have missing teeth clauses.  Meaning that if the teeth were missing prior to the plan effective date they do not cover for a new bridge to be put in. A good tip is whenever you do have a dental bridge put in keep your receipt.  That way if any time latter on you ever need to have the bridge replace it will be good to show just how long ago the old bridge was put in.  Some dental insurance plan will replace bridges, partials and denture only after you had your old one in for five or more years (Therefore they will normally ask for proof. )

If you have current missing teeth it does not mean you can not find dental insurance to help you fix  your smile.  Just read the terms and conditions carefully. Make sure the dental insurance plan you are buying is going to cover for the dental services you want.

I also suggest not to rule out dental discount plans.  With dental discount plan preexisting is not excluded including missing teeth. So for a low monthly cost of a dental discount plan you can have some saving off getting a dental bridge without any waiting periods or exclusions.  Whether you to have a bridge, partials and or dentures we are here to help you find the best dental plan that will work for you.  So please call our member service line at 310-534-3444 if you have any questions about any of our dental insurance dental plan options.

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