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Where can I get low cost cosmetic dental procedures

Sunday, Oct. 31st 2010 4:04 PM

I am missing over seven teeth and what I do have are not so hot.  I know I am talking about a ton of money to really make them look good again.  I talked to my dental insurance company and since most of my needed dental work is cosmetic they will not cover the cosmetic part to be done.

I also called four other dental insurance company only to be told not to start changing dental insurance plans now since they would not cover for missing teeth or cosmetic.   I am at loss and although I am not poor I am not rich either and would like to get some low cost cosmetic dental work so I can smile without worrying what people think.

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2 Comments on “Where can I get low cost cosmetic dental procedures

  1. Carol Says:

    You may want to look at a dental discount plan. They offer discount saving off of cosmetic dentistry. Dental discount plans start right away with no refers and as long as there are dentist in the network doing the dental services you are looking for it is a good way to save money off your dental care.

    This website does not only offer dental insurance plans but also offer dental discount plans as well. Check out what plans are available to you by just entering in your zip code in the quote box above.

  2. Benson Says:

    I agree with what the other insurance companies told you do not cancel out your current dental insurance plan. The insurance companies do have missing tooth clause. Missing they will not replace any missing teeth that was not pulled during their policy period.

    However you can keep your current dental insurance and use it for what it does cover. Then get a dental discount plan for the cosmetic work your current dental insurance will not cover for anyway.

    Dental discount plan do not have a missing tooth clause so you do not have to worry about that and you will get around a 15 – 20 percent off your cosmetic dental services.

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