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Sunday, Sep. 24th 2017 5:22 AM

Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Question: I had two of my wisdom teeth removed three days ago and my jaw still hurts when I try to eat or open it too wide. I worry that I may be getting dry socket since I was told that hurts for a long time and it been three days now.

Answer: Pain after wisdom extraction is normal and for some it does take longer to recover then others. From how you are describing your pain it seems more like a jaw pain then pain from the extractions. This may be because of having your mouth open for a long period of time when they did the extraction. Sometimes because of that your jaw can hurt for a longer period of time. As for it being dry socket. From my understanding dry socket would be very painful, since you are exposing a nerve. So off hand I would say you may not have to worry about it being that. But go see you dentist anyway have him/her confirm what the real issues are so that they can treat you for it.

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