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Not all dental plans provide coverage and benefits for kids. You will want to shop our dental plans as nearly all of them provide children's dental services.
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Children's dental plans are easy to buy. Many have next day and immediate coverage for the basic procedures. It is important to find the best coverage for the best price. We have 100s of dental plan options to choose from.
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"Selecting the right dental insurance for kids is important step for good dental hygiene"

Understanding your kids teeth: There are eight incisors located in the front of the mouth (four on the top and four on the bottom). They have sharp, chisel-shaped crowns that cut food. The four cuspids are next to each incisor. They  have a pointed edge to tear food. Also called bicuspids, the four pairs of molars are located right next to the them. They crush and tear food. There are twelve molars, in sets of three, at the back of the mouth. They have wide surfaces that help to grind food. Ask your dental hygienist to teach you how to brush & floss correctly. Don't eat sugary foods (like candy) or starchy foods (like pretzels) in between meals. Instead, try eating an apple, banana, or carrot. Drink milk instead of soda. If you do eat in between meals, be sure to brush your teeth when you are finished.
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Find a kids dentist today. Children can start losing their baby teeth anywhere from about the age of 5 to about 7. Usually the two front teeth on the bottom are the first teeth to be replaced. Your second molars typically appear by age 12 to 13. Some people have third molars which are sometimes called "wisdom teeth these can appear after age 16. Kids should use smaller brushes with shorter brushing planes in proportion to the size of their mouths. Most children use brushes that are too big to be easily maneuvered into small spaces in their mouth. By the way, in addition to changing brush every three months or when the bristles appear worn, its a good idea to toss those brushes after colds or sore throats! "All that you need from your toothpaste is the fluoride that helps strengthen your teeth and protects them from cavities. The time you should spend brushing and your technique are more important, so go with the flavor you prefer. Remember only a pea-sized drop of paste for the kids on your brush is all that is necessary."
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