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Maine Dental Insurance for kid, My son has two cavities

Tuesday, Feb. 1st 2011 11:19 AM

Maine Dental Insurance for kid, My son has two cavities:   My son has to have two filling done and right now I do not have dental insurance for my family.  I been putting off getting some but now I have to get something so he can have his filling done.  Do you have a dental plan that can help me right away with my sons dental care?

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Posted on Feb. 1st 2011 | by admin | in Dental Filings | 2 Comments »

Dental for kids, My son has two cavities

Friday, Jun. 25th 2010 9:50 AM

My son when in for his check up and cleaning and the dentist found two small cavities.  I do not understand why he should be getting cavities.  I have him brush his teeth after breakfast and before bed time.

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Posted on Jun. 25th 2010 | by admin | in Cavities, Cleaning, Dental Care | 1 Comment »


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