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Children’s dental insurance, Looking for cheap dental insurance

Wednesday, Jul. 7th 2010 8:30 AM

I am in need of cheap dental insurance for my family dental needs.  I have my wife and two children that need their general  dental visits.   Between the four of us even just going in for our X-rays and cleaning get to be costly.

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Posted on Jul. 7th 2010 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

Children’s dental insurance, Need more dental insurance coverages.

Saturday, Jul. 3rd 2010 9:00 AM

Right now I am in the military and have Delta Dental insurance that is offer to my family and I. However, with the 1000.00 max limit per year it is just not enough coverage for my family dental needs.

I have already paid out over $700.00 worth of dental work for just my two sons.  Not counting my wife who has perfect teeth.   My sons have more dental work that is needed now and in the future. One of my sons may also need to have braces.  Not sure yet but the dentist will advise as his adult teeth start to come in.

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Posted on Jul. 3rd 2010 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

Childrens dental insurance, Indemnity dental insurance for your family

Friday, Jul. 2nd 2010 6:31 PM

Indemnity Dental Insurance

Indemnity dental insurance is an insurance package where the policyholder can choose his or her own dentist and the insurance provider will be the one to pay that designated dentist your fees or, usually, around half of them. Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans: this type of dental plan pays the dental office (dentist) on a traditional fee-for-service basis.

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Posted on Jul. 2nd 2010 | by carol | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance | No Comments »


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